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CE Boasts Sumdog Math Champion

Posted by Melaynee Broadstreet at 10/19/2016

sumdog math champion Mrs. Hoffman’s 5th grade math classes at Corinth Elementary recently took part in the Sumdog Denton County Mathematics Contest.  Sumdog is a mathematics website that enables students to practice their math skills while playing games against their friends, classmates, and even other students from around the world.  The games are math-based and are tailored to each student’s skill level, so they play against opponents who share the same skills.  

To take part in the Denton County Mathematics Contest, students were entered as a whole class and simply played Sumdog’s free math games.  In order to progress, they had to answer math questions correctly.  Each correct answer they gave counted toward their overall individual score and also their average class score.  Students were able and encouraged to play both at school and at home during the contest timeline, which ran from September 31 to October 6.

Mrs. Hoffman’s class was the only elementary students participating in the competition, going up against older students at both Lake Dallas Middle School and the Prestwick STEM Academy.  Out of 24 classes competing, Mrs. Hoffman’s class placed 14th overall with an average score of 237.  On October 3, her math class was also a daily winner for having the highest class average score for that date.  

Even more impressive was the placement of Katelyn McCurdy, who, out of 392 students, took 1st place overall by answering a total of 975 of 1,000 questions correctly.  Four additional students placed in the individual top 50 students for the competition.  Those students were Veronica Fielder (5th place), Emily Ibarra (20th place), Gracelyn Castillo (24th place), and Joseph Silver (27th place).  Mrs. Hoffman’s class is already looking forward to the next competition in January of 2017.