Syllabus - Combined JV and Intermediate Boys Choirs

  • Boys Select Choir (Combined JV and Intermediate Boys) – Course Syllabus
    Stephanie Hamilton, Director

    Course Description and Goals: The Select Boys Choir course provides the means of building and maintaining a solid foundation in sight-singing and performance skills. This choir will compete in various UIL events during the school year. The course will utilize movable Do (solfege) and Kodaly hand signs. Through the application of skills acquired through this sight reading process, students will be empowered with an acute sense of quickly preparing new music. The students will continue to work selected pieces along with the sight-reading activities throughout the semester. The students will be given opportunities to perform the selected pieces and showcase skills learned through the semester.

    Class Rules
    1. Be on time and ready to work
    2. NO GUM!!!
    3. Keep a pencil in your folder at all times

    Uniform Dress Code
    Formal – Dark dress slacks, long sleeved light shirt, tie, dark-colored dress shoes
    Casual – Blue jeans and choir shirts, no flip-flops

    Grading Policy
    Attitude and participation in daily rehearsals, sectionals, extra rehearsals, and performances are very important. Excessive failures and absences may be cause for dismissal from the group.

    Daily grading scale
    Warm-up – 15 points
    Sight Reading – 15 points
    Behavior Issues – 10 or more points
    Rehearsal – 40 points
    Talking – 10 points
    Gum – 5 points
    Folder care – 5 points