NJHS Requirements

  • Current members are expected to be active members attending meetings of Lake Dallas Middle School National Junior Honor Society’s chapter. 

    Students will maintain a 92 or higher GPA in all core classes. Students taking Pre-AP, 7th Math or 8th Pre-AP* classes, 5 points will be added to your report card grade before calculations are made. 

    * Algebra I, taken as an 8th grader, will not receive the 5 point bump b/c it is not given on the HS GPA calculation for report card GPA to begin with. 

    Honor Society implies excellence in areas outside of academics as well. Willingness to help others, being a positive role model, and obeying school policies/procedures are examples of areas where students will be evaluated for continued membership. 

    Academic dishonesty is immediate grounds for dismissal from the chapter. Students are expected to perform 30 hours of community service total per school year and complete an NJHS sponsored block of time as well. See the community service page on this website.

    Students are to fill out a community service log and have adult supervisor signatures for each event they attend and work. A variety of venues are appropriate for community service. (see CS page for download link for form)

    Here are a few great examples. 
    • Become a teacher's aide (outside of the regularly scheduled aide period) 
    • Help with NJHS drives and activities 
    • Boy and Girl Scout service projects 
    • Church servant projects 
    • Peer tutoring 
    • Community parks and street clean-ups 
    • Nursing home volunteer 
    • Soup kitchen or shelter volunteer 
    • Animal shelter volunteer.

    Students found not in compliance with membership criteria will be re-evaluated for qualification of membership. If the compliance issues persist, members will be placed on probation until the situation is resolved. 

    If the cumulative grade point average drops lower than the required 92 for any grading period, members will have time to bring the average back up or face removal from the chapter. 

    In addition, academic dishonesty will be dealt with and students will either be put on probation and/or suspended from NJHS and a student suspended will not be reconsidered for readmittance to NJHS in the future.