Community Service

  • 7th graders, 8th graders:

    (Inducted members who will be at LDMS for the 22-23 School Year)- You need 30 hours by May (the exact date is in the contract)

    Your hours can not start until after you have submitted your contract and paid your dues. You may do up to 20 hours in the summer, but the rest needs to be completed in the school year. 

    No late submissions will be accepted.


    9th graders (22-23): If you wish to stay in good standing with NJHS, you must complete and turn in evidence of 30 community service hours to the LDMS office by May 1, 2023.  You may deliver them by hand or mail them in or scan and email me your hours. Your hours may be completed in the summer, but you must wait to start after induction.

    (not sure if we will have a Google Classroom OR a CANVAS class or just communicate via email)



    The date, activity, person in charge and hours completed part of the form needs to be filled out by YOU! Use decimal parts of hours (ie 1.5 for 1 hour 30 min).

    Please make sure the person who supervised you, signs and PRINTS their name on the form. 

    Community Service Form