LDISD Board of Trustees

  • Lance Stacy Lance Stacy, President

    Trustee since 2008
    Place: 5
    Current Term Expires: 2020
    E-mail: lstacy@ldisd.net

    Mr. Lance Stacy has served on the LDISD Board of Trustees as a Member, Vice President, and since 2013, President. He retired from Corinth Police Department in 2017, and is now the City Marshall for the City of Corinth. His education includes a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree from Midwestern State University.

    “I serve as a trustee to be sure that all children in our district have an opportunity to get the education they deserve.  Public education is under attack by for-profit schools, and I want to be an advocate for LDISD, the best choice in education.”


  • Chad Thiessen Chad Thiessen, Vice President

    Trustee since 2007
    Place: 3
    Current Term Expires: 2022
    E-mail: cthiessen@ldisd.net

    Mr. Chad Thiessen has served as Vice President on the LDISD Board of Trustees since 2013. He is the Deputy Fire Chief with the City of Corinth. He graduated from Lake Dallas High School and earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree from the University of North Texas.

    “I serve on the LDISD Board of Trustees to give back to my school, which helped to shape me. I want to ensure that LDISD teachers have what they need to engage students to reach their full potential.”



  • Glen Gowans Glen Gowans, Secretary

    Trustee since 2006
    Place: 1
    Current Term Expires: 2021
    E-mail: ggowans@ldisd.net

    Mr. Glen Gowans has served on the Lake Dallas ISD Board of Trustees as a member and is currently serving as board secretary. He is now retired from a career with the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General as a Federal Auditor. He has a BBA Accounting degree as well as an MBA in Finance from the North Texas State University.

    “I serve because I believe in public education. I want input into our future—and our future is the children. I wanted to give back. At a very young age, I saw both my parents volunteer at the local schools. Furthermore, I had a vested interest in the district’s success because my 4 children went to the school in the district. My motivation is the children.”



    Scott Baird Scott Baird

    Trustee since 2007
    Place: 4
    Current Term Expires: 2022
    E-mail: sbaird@ldisd.net

    Mr. Scott Baird has served as a member on the Lake Dallas ISD Board of Trustees since 2007. He is a retired firefighter and arson investigator. He graduated from Lake Dallas High School and continues to be a huge Falcon fan.

    “I serve as a trustee because of my interest in the community, its reputation and quality. I desire to see our schools provide the best we can give, and hope that we can make our students proud of their home.” 


  • Courtney Tankersley Courtney Tankersley

    Trustee since 2012
    Place: 7
    Current Term Expires: 2022
    E-mail: ctankersley@ldisd.net

    Mrs. Courtney Tankersley has been a Trustee for the Lake Dallas ISD school board since 2012. She works for Midtronics as a Regional Sales Manager. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA degree in Marketing and also taught special education for 4 years.

    “After spending a few years in the classroom as a teacher, I realized what kind of obstacles our school districts face. When I returned to the corporate world I wanted to continue to help our children and community. Serving as a board member allows me to maintain a degree of involvement and continue to help our children and community through education.” 



  • Steve Payne Steve Payne

    Trustee since 2014
    Place: 2
    Current Term Expires: 2021
    E-mail: steve.payne@ldisd.net

    Mr. Steve Payne has served as a LDISD Board of Trustees member since 2014. He is a chemist with Henkel Corporation. He is a Lake Dallas High School alumnus, and received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of North Texas.

    “As a graduate of Lake Dallas, I wanted to take the opportunity to give back to the school that gave me a great education. We have had very successful boards in the past, and I want that to continue.”


  • Mark Tucker Mark Tucker

    Trustee since 2018
    Place: 6
    Current Term Expires: 2020
    E-mail: mtucker@ldisd.net

    Mr. Mark Tucker is the newest member of the LDISD Board of Trustees. He is an Allstate Insurance Agent with 32 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry. 

    “I am looking forward to serving as a trustee because I love giving back to my community, and the Lake Dallas school district is a huge part of this community. As a parent with a student in the district, I have seen first-hand the difference a quality education like LDISD provides can make.”