The Texas Bluebonnet Contest will start Monday, September 12 for Grades 3-5.

    There are 20 Texas Bluebonnet books for 2022-2023 and there are at least 3 copies of each title in the library.

    Bluebonnet books are all shelved in the front of the library. If a teacher reads the book in class, students can count it as one of their titles.

    Only one Texas Bluebonnet book can be checked out at a time from the LDE Library.

    Students may read Bluebonnet books from the public library, e-books, audiobooks or elsewhere.

    Many teachers have also purchased Bluebonnet books for their Homerooms. 

    Teachers will keep track of what students have read on the classroom Student Reading Chart and on Google Drive.

    Students have to score 70% or higher on the AR quiz for that book to count.

    After reading one Bluebonnet book and passing the AR quiz, students will receive a Bluebonnet bookmark so they can keep track of the Bluebonnet books they have read.

    Students have to read five books by January 23 in order to vote in the library the week of January 23, 2023.

    The contest officially ends on Friday, February 10, at 3:00pm.

    Students will be invited to the Bluebonnet Blowout Party if they have read ten or more Bluebonnet books.