• “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” - Dr. Seuss

    Mrs. Dunn's 6th grade Advanced English Language Arts: 

    Our Objective: Since this is an Advanced ELA class, the students will be held to a higher standard. Commitment to excellence and effort are paramount.

    Reading - We will be focusing on reading skills to deepen our understanding of specific genres. We will focus on character analysis, the power of nonfiction, and social issues. Students will be required to read daily and will be working in books clubs to analyze mentor texts and apply the lessons to their own books.

    Writing Units -  

    • Personal Narrative is about a personal experience or life story, so it is usually written in the first person. To be powerful, the essay should be written to have an emotional impact with personal references, sensory detail, and emotion. 
    • Argumentative Essay investigates a topic. The writer collects, generates, evaluates evidence, and then establishes a position on the topic in a concise manner. Our topic of study is characters in a literary essay.
    • Research Essay is sharing the answer to a research question along with the evidence, the sources used, and reasoning and explanation.
    • Poetry will be read, analyzed, written, and shared throughout the school year. By the end of the year, each student will have created a book of original poetry and poetry analysis, and deepened their understanding of this genre.  

    Greek and Latin Roots - We will be studying Greek and Latin roots to further build vocabulary skills. Students will create a character based off a Greek or Latin name, make a backstory for their character, and write weekly journal entries using the Greek and Latin roots for the week. In addition, there will be a weekly quiz. Each week builds cumulatively for five weeks, and then a new unit begins. There are 6 units in total.

    Grammar - We study of words and how the parts of speech work together to create coherent thoughts in speech and in writing. Students will use a grammar cheat sheet to further understanding on amazing sentences and poorly written sentences. Our class will practice editing weekly to identify errors, fix them, and understand why they are incorrect. In addition, students will apply grammar lessons in their work.

    I expect my students' best effort, so they can achieve his or her greatest potential. Reading, reading and more reading is the single most important activity that a student can do to grow in his or her learning endeavors. I require my students to always have a book of his or her choosing in hand - ALWAYS!

    Class Expectation Letter Link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DH8cRcHP1QDP5bicrd13DikoyxYCKsDWYzEpnrpZwvA/edit