• Classroom Rules and Procedures


    U.S./Advanced History

    8th Grade


    Mr. Forbes


         Welcome to 8th Grade U.S. History! In this class we will journey to the past to learn about the people and events which helped shape this great nation. By learning about those that came before us and listening to what they have to say, we can understand who we are, why we are here, and we can prepare ourselves for the future.

          In order to get the most out of this class, there will be a system of rules and procedures which must be followed, so we as a class can share in the experience of discovering our past. Please read these rules carefully, then sign at the end.


    The 6 Core Rules

    These rules are also posted in the front of the classroom

     1. Respect others.

    Show respect for the teacher.

    Show respect for your fellow students

    Give respect to all guests that may visit the room from time to time.

    Respect Substitute Teachers when they are present in the classroom

      2. Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

    You must have permission to be out of your seat at any time including when you need to sharpen your pencil during class, throw away trash, etc. Raise your hand if you must get up for any reason.


     3. Keep hands, feet, and any other objects to yourself.

    Do not poke, push, or touch anyone in the classroom. Do not throw anything.

     4. Bring all materials to class.

    Organization is the key. Bring your notebook, paper, pen, or pencil, assignments, homework, and anything else you will need for class to class every day. If you don’t come prepared, your grades can suffer.

     5. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Make sure you read instructions on all tests and assignments very carefully before you begin.

     6. Assume Responsibility.

    Follow the rules and procedures every day. If you choose not to, then you choose to face the consequences.

    Other Procedures

     Assigned Seating- Make certain you sit in your assigned seat when you come into class. Attendance is taken from the seating chart.

     Agenda- The agenda is located on the board. The daily agenda explains what we will be doing in class for that particular day, what and when assignments are due, and when tests are scheduled. Underneath the daily agenda is the weekly agenda which gives an overview of what we will be doing for the entire week as well as notifying of any upcoming events or due dates. The weekly agenda can also be accessed on the web site.


     Beginning Routines/Warm Ups- When you come into class every day, there will be a series of lesson related questions on the board. Have a section in your notebook specifically for the daily Warm Ups. Make sure to write both the questions and answers. Always date the Warm Ups. If you are absent, you must make up your Warm Ups. Open note quizzes and tests are often given over the Warm Ups. Having an organized and daily updated warm up section will ensure a good score.

     Make-up assignments/Tests- When students are absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to make up any assignments, or tests they may have missed as soon as possible. ALL make-up tests will be alternate versions of the original tests. The make-up tests will consist of the exact same information covering the same TEKS, but questions will all be short answer and fill in the blank.

     Bonus Points- Each class will gradually earn bonus points that can be traded in for free time. Bonus points will be deducted from classes collected points if students can not focus on the teacher. Extra bonus points can be awarded for exceptional behavior exhibited by a class.

     Dismissal- When it is time for dismissal, the teacher will dismiss the class. Please do not begin packing away materials while class is still in session.

     Passes- If you need to see the nurse, you will be given a pass. Make sure the nurse signs the pass before coming back to class.

     Tardiness- Make sure you get to class on time. Arriving late interrupts class and puts you behind.

    Phones- Phones will not allowed to be out or visible or used in any manner during class time unless otherwise directed by the teacher. This also applies to phone accessories (ear buds, headphones, air pods, etc) 


    If these rules and procedures are followed like clockwork each and everyday, then we as a class will succeed in all tasks and objectives. Lets have a great year!


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