• ***Students, be sure the check your school email after 4:00pm on Tuesday, 3/24/2020, for a message from me.***


    Welcome to Art 1! This class will meet during 1st, 4A, and 5th period in room 128.

    Art Kits will be available to purchase for $35 - a 40% discount from retail price!  Kits are limited and do sell out, however students are still responsible for having the required supplies. Please bring cash or a check made out to LDHS to purchase your kit. Items in the art kit are required supplies for this course. Kits will be sold before or after school ONLY, as we do not wish to interrupt classtime instruction.

    Required Materials included in the art kit: 12" Plastic Ruler (preferably clear), 8C Watercolor set, two .28oz Glue Sticks, Elmer's 1.25oz Glue-All, two #2 Pencils, Graphite 2B Drawing Pencil, Pencil Sharpener, Blending Stump, Fine Black Sharpie, Extra-Fine Black Sharpie, Kneaded Eraser, Small Vinyl Eraser, Top Spiral 9x12 100 sheet Sketch Pad. Zippered 12x16 Bag (to hold all supplies).

    You will find the course scope and sequence at the bottom of the document below. This is a full list of projects and assignments in chronological order for the year.

  • Collograph (texture printing) PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint describes the Collograph process as well as discusses the spirit animal imagery that will be used as the visual motif.

    Review this PowerPoint, find photographs (not drawings) of animals to use as reference images for your sketch. 
    complete a sketch for your own original work of art that incorporates your own spirit animal (or animals) in a balanced composition. Also be sure to include an environment, or background, in your composition.

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