• Classroom Policies


    Any student arriving to class after the tardy bell rings is considered tardy and will be counted tardy. If a student was delayed by another teacher and has a note stating that fact, then the tardy will be excused and not count against the student.

    Talking in Class

    Students are expected to remain quiet in class while working. Talking during class promotes socialization which in turn affects the concentration and performance of the student on assignments and projects. Students enrolled in art need to realize that this class is just as important as the rest of their classes. It is not a blow off class or “free time.” Students who begin to have difficulty remaining quiet in class will be assigned morning detentions and/or their parents will receive a phone call or email.

    Extra Credit

    My theory regarding extra credit is if a student completes all of the given assignments and puts the maximum amount of effort into his/her assignments and turns those assignments in on time, then extra credit is not needed. Normally students who request extra credit from me are those who have not put out the maximum amount of effort, completed and turned in all assignments given. If a student did not have time to complete and turn in all previous assignments then he/she will not have time to complete extra credit assignments.

    Art Supplies & Tools

    Students caught breaking, tearing up or misusing art supplies and tools will be given an alternate assignment from the textbook for the remainder of that project assignment period. Students who cannot take care of school-provided supplies and tools will not be allowed to use them. Supplies and tools are purchased with budget money through the district and students are expected to take care of the supplies/tools so we can use them in the future.