• Grading Policy


    Six Weeks Grades

    Each six weeks grade will consist of:



          Sketchbook activities

          Worksheet activities

    Make Up Work

    Students (and teacher) will abide by the district’s make up work policy as set forth in the student (and employee) handbook(s).


    Late Work

    Assignment turned in on time        Full Credit

    1 day late                                    Maximum 70% Credit

    2 days late                                   Maximum 50% Credit

    Three of more days late                Zero Credit

    Due to the fact that some assignments/projects go home to be completed for homework and never come back the following will occur. If an assignment/project needs to be taken home to be finished for homework it will be graded as is before it is taken home. This tentative grade will be recorded in the gradebook. When it is returned it will be regraded and the new grade will replace the first grade. If it is not returned then the first grade will stand as the final grade on that project/assignment.