Procedures for Checking Students Out of Class

  • Below are updated guidelines and procedures for a student to be signed out or picked up from campus during the school day.  You may also find these procedures along with our entire attendance policy on our campus website.


    If your child needs to leave during the school day:

    • Please do not call the front office and ask for a student to be released.  We will no longer release a student from campus without either the parent or someone from the emergency contact list physically signing the student out.  Please be prepared to come into school to sign out your child when needed.

    • Please bring your driver’s license/ID when picking up a student. For the safety of our students, we require a photo ID for verification. Only those individuals listed in the student’s data file will be allowed to sign out a student.  The student must also come to the front office to check out before leaving the building.

    • If your student drives and has a medical/dental appointment or court date then the student must present a signed note the same day they need to leave campus.  A verifiable email may also be submitted to at least 2 hours prior to the time a student needs to be released. Without a written notification, a student who drives may leave campus only if a parent or someone from the emergency contact list comes into the school and signs them out.

    • All students will incur an unexcused absence for their time off campus unless they return with a formal doctor’s note or a note from the court clerk within 72 hours of the absence.

    • Please remember, If your child becomes sick while at school, he/she must be seen in the school nurse’s office prior to leaving campus due to illness.  If your student is too ill to attend classes, please be prepared to come to school to sign your child out for the day.