Webpage Setup & Resources

  • On this page, you will find instructions for initial webpage setup as well as resources and refresher links for updating your website.


    Webpage Setup

    To keep uniformity on all LDISD websites, please follow these guidelines for creating and maintaining your website.

    • All campus staff members should have as their homepage the About Teacher app webpage that includes:
      • Name
      • LDISD E-mail address
      • Campus Phone number or Direct Extension
      • Photo (Professional, not candid)
      • Teacher Bio (Suggestions: education, degrees, classes taught, etc.) with Favorite quote

    • See LDISD Webpage Requirements & Best Practices handout.

    • See Webpage Setup Instructions for Step by Step Instructions.

    • Additional pages and posts may also be required depending on your campus and position.


    Webpage Resources

    Blackboard Schoolwires has a wealth of information built into the website.  When you are working on a webpage, there is always a tab at the top that says How do I?  Use that tab to search for answers questions, to find help articles, video tutorials and more.

    The two main things to understand to create Schoolwires websites is pages and apps.  Here are links to good resources to get a grasp on both:


  • Website Refresher

    Did you miss training or forget what you saw demonstrated?  Here are some helpful links to short tutorials from the SchoolWires website to refresh your memory!  Need to start from the beginning?  Start with the Basics:

    Section Workspace Overview