• 2019/2020 Beginner Percussion


    Welcome to the start of your musical journey! Here is where you can find class updates, practice logs, equipment lists, and assignment reminders.


    Class Equipment List is on Lone Star Percussion's Webpage

    Hold off on renting the marimba until later in the fall semester!


    Practice Logs are due weekly and will need to be filled out each time a student practices. Information on the practice log is important to the musical growth and development of the student. It is critical that these logs are filled out accurately and consistently. The work done in the beginner band year will be the foundation for all musical growth in the future, and constant self reflection and goal setting are skills needed in all aspects of adult life. Band will teach the students to love music, and to be smart in the way they turn their goals into achievements. Successful implementation of these skills and strategies at a young age will remain with the students for their entire lives.

    Practice Log Download Link


    Always email me with any questions!