• Cell phones

    All cell phones will be placed in backpacks, and the backpacks will be placed against the front wall. No cell phone may be out while any student is still taking the test.


    Additional time

    It is best that students talk with the teacher and make arrangements ahead of time if they think that they may need additional time for the test. Students who need additional time to finish a test are welcome to come to afternoon tutorials on the day of the test. After that they may be required to retake the entire test.


    Re-taking tests

    If you are not happy with your grade on a test, you are free to re-take it once. Obviously, you should make an effort to study the material so that you will do better the second time. Tests cannot be re-taken during class time. You must come to tutorials during the week following the test, and if you come to a morning tutorial, make sure that you come early enough to finish the test before school starts. If the re-take grade is higher than the original grade, I will record the average of the two grades.



    Cheating on a test will result in a zero.