Monday, September 16


    Today, students will continue working with rational number equations as well as be introduced to Net Worth. 


    Tuesday, September 17

    Today, students will be able to complete a net worth financial statement, on their own to show mastery.  Students will also begin working on a Net Worth Project where they will be able to extract information from a list and create a Net Worth Financial Statement on a sheet of manilla paper.  This assignment will be worth 2-test grades and is due by Friday, September 20th.  Students will have 2-days to complete in class.


    Wednesday, September 18

    Continue working on Net Worth Project


    Thursday, September 19

    Students will review prior knowledge of how to solve 1-step equations.


    Friday, September 20


    Students will be introduced to the distributive property and combining like terms plus have class activities to help reinforce these concepts