Rules and policies

  • The purpose of these rules and procedures is to make the Spanish classroom a place where everyone can work and learn safely and effectively.

    Reglas de la clase de español

    1. Follow instructions.
      Without argument or delay.
    2. Participate appropriately.
      Taking part in the activities is necessary for learning.
      Wait your turn.
      Stay on topic.
    3. Show respect. 
      To the teacher and to each other.
      Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
      No abusive language.
    4. No distractions.
      No cell phones, headphones or earbuds.
      No games.
      Don't distract other students.
      Don't get out of your seat without permission.


    Tardy policy

    You will be counted tardy if when the bell rings you are not sitting in your assigned seat working.

    Rewards for compliance

    Fun Fridays: special activities. The class earns points to spend more time.
    Most important: We will have a positive and safe learning environment.

    Consequences for non-compliance

    Time out
    Detention and parent contact
    Office referral

    Consequences for cellphone violation

    Leave on my desk for rest of class
    Leave until you serve a detention that afternoon
    Office referral
    Note that any use of a cell phone during a test will result in an immediate office referral.


    The best time to use the restroom is during passing period.
    Do not ask permission to go during the first 30 minutes of class, unless it is an emergency.
    After the first 30 minutes, students may go one at a time
    Write your name and the time on the pass on my desk.
    Leave your phone on my desk until you return.

    Other school policies

    Students cannot be in hall without a pass.
    No hats or hoods.
    No eating or drinking in classroom except for water or documented medical condition

    Supplies needed

    Composition book to leave in the class for daily work
    Folder, or place in your binder to keep handouts and notes that you want to study at home