• 7th Grade Math (BAIRD) NEED TO KNOWS


    Homework:  Each night (M-F) your child may have homework of some sort. Each night’s HW assignment is post on my web page (off the www.ldisd.net site)  It is due the next day, unless otherwise noted.  It may be review or new or a combination of both.  Please help your child to remember to check the website and/or get a student planner (or any planner) to help them stay organized.


    Tutorials: Mon, Tues, Thur (PM) AND Tues, Th (AM)



    Attendance: It is important students be in class as much as possible. Please keep this in mind when you are scheduling appointments and other events. You can call the office and ask for assignments to be collected to pick up at the end of the day (or send home with someone) OR you can email teachers for assignments.  If no contact is made, it’s the student’s responsibility to come in the morning following any absence to see what was missed.


    Corrections:  Your child MAY correct any daily assignment for up to a grade of 70.  They MUST correct any test and/or quiz.

    Please use a separate piece of notebook paper and copy each problem you missed.  Rework each problem and show ALL of your work on this notebook paper. Please staple the work to the original document.  (Do not change anything on the original document). When you are ready to turn the corrections in to Mrs. Baird, please include a ‘corrections’ slip from Mrs. Baird and attached that to the corrections.  Put all corrections in the regular turn in box.

    Family Access: If you have not signed up for Family Access, please do so at the front office before you leave.

    Supplies:  We usually have enough pencils to last us till December, so please check with your child to see if they need anything every so often.  Mechanical pencils are recommended.

    Skills: Students must be able to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fluently throughout this school year. If your student still struggles with these skills, please work with them at home, as they are vital foundational skills for everything they do in math!! Moby Max (math software program) will be used throughout the year to close the gaps and extend the lessons in 7th grade math.

    Conference Time:  M-Th  3:05-3:50 pm