Study material

  • Remember that I create Quizlet sets for all the vocabulary that students are responsible for learning. I encourage students to join this Quizlet class so that they will always have access to up-to-date study material.

    In addition, for each exam I attempt to reproduce the word wall in document form. Students should make sure that they know all the words on the word wall, whether or not the English meaning is given.

    Explanation of the verb tableAt the beginning of the year, I gave the meaning in English for every action word. But after the first exam, I began to present new action words in the form of a table. It is essential that students understand well how this chart is arranged. This explanation may be helpful to students who have difficulty with the table or with the verb endings.

    Word wall for Exam 1

    Word wall for Exam 2

    Word wall for Exam 3

    Word wall for Exam 4

    Word wall for Exam 5

    Word wall for Exam 6

    Word wall for Exam 7

    Word wall for Exam 9

    Word wall for Exam 10

    Exam 9 Extra practice

    Exam 4 Extra practice. This is a practice test in the same format as the regular exams. It is over the same material as Exam 4, and students can work on it as a way of preparing to take the exam. 

    Exam 6 Extra practice. This is a practice test over the same material as Exam 6, but in a slightly different format.

    Verb chart: Practice for Verb quiz 3. All the words that students are responsible for learning for Verb quiz 3 can be found in this Quizlet flashcard set. Some students, though, may find it useful to study using paper and pencil instead of on an electronic device. Filling out this chart may help students to learn the forms and the patterns. I will have a key printed out in my room for students who want to check themselves. Parents may email me to request a PDF of the key if they want to check their students' work at home.

    Verb quiz 3--Sample. For each form in the first column, the student must write one letter (from the 2nd column) to show who is doing the action and one number (from the 3rd column) to show what action they are doing.