• Th 8-15 begin animal meme

    F 8-16 finish animal meme; start Odyssey research


    M 8-19 crossword #1; work on Odyssey research

    T 8-20 vocabulary story #1; finish Odyssey research; "Conscience" story

    W 8-21 apostrophe assignment; "Conscience"; "Arizona"

    Th 8-22 finish "Conscience" and "Arizona"; "People Watching"; "The Great Apes"

    F 8-23 dialog assignment; work on "People Watching" and "Great Apes"


    M 8-26 Practice STAAR Online

    T 8-27 homophones; People Watching; editing; Great Apes

    W 8-28 read "Odyssey"; finish Tuesday's assignments if needed; start typing story

    Th 8-29 read "Odyssey"; type story

    F 8-30 finish reading "Odyssey" and typing story (hopefully)


    T 9-3 finish reading "Odyssey" and finish typing story (last class time)

    W 9-4 new vocabulary; online "Odyssey" discussion board; opossum reasearch

    Th 9-5 new literary terms; crossword puzzle #2; work on discussion board and opposums

    F 9-6 new literary terms; vocabulary story #2; finish discussuin board and opposum researxh (fingers crossed)


    M 9-9 finish Odyssey discussion board and (maybe) opossum research

    T 9-10 finish opossum research; find vocabulary words; famous people research

    W 9-11 work on Tuesday's assignments; Wizard of Oz Pole; literary terms assignment

    Th 9-12 previous assignments; editing

    F 9-13 finish everything from this week


    M 9-16 finally finish everything from last week

    T 9-17 XW#3; begin personality research

    W 9-18 work on personality research

    Th 9-19 work on personality research; possibly begin story

    F 9-20 finish personality research; start writing personality story


    M 9-23 finish research if needed; work on story

    T 9-24 dialog; work on story

    W 9-25 meme; work on story

    Th 9-26 Famous Opossums

    F 9-27 "Famous Opossums"; VS#3; "Late Night"


    M 9-30 finish "Famous Opossums"; VS#3 ; "Late Night" 

    T 10-1 "Your Momma"; Late Night editing; start reading "Emma"

    W 10-2 finish most of Monday and Tuesday's assignments

    Th 10-3 finish all of Monday and Tuesday's assignments; start "Emma" discussion board

    F 10-4 work on "Emma" discussion board; maybe? start on business trip


    M 10-7 finish "Emma" discussion board; maybe start on business trip

    T 10-8 XW4; work on business trip

    W 10-9 work on business trip 

    Th 10-10 finish business trip (hopefully)

    F 10-11 no school


    M 10-14 no school

    T 10-15 finish business trip (for sure); start on gaslighting research (hopefully)

    W 10-16 start reading "Number Twelve" story; Mrs. Beard Internet presentation (guest speaker); work on gaslighting research

    Th 10-17 continue reading "Number Twelve" story; finish gaslighting research; begin "46 editing" and "Disorders" 

    F 10-18 finish reading "Number Twelve" story; "Number Twelve" essay quiz; finish "46 editing" and "Disorders"


    M 10-21 Read #12 and take quiz

    T 10-22 Read #12, take quiz, Internet safety presentation

    W 10-23 finish quiz; "Gaslighting"

    Th 10-24 grammar; homophones; story with questions (substitute)

    F 10-25 grammar colors; coloring assignment (grammar)


    M 10-28 NVD; finish grammar coloring

    T 10-29 XW5; mystic radio 

    W 10-30 VS5; meme

    Th Read "Disorders Story Part One"

    F finish reading "Disorders Story Part One" and take the quiz


    M 11-4 finish quiz; start typing story

    T 11-5 talk about punctuation; type story

    W 11-6 talk about punctuation; type story

    Th 11-7 advanced punctuation; pledge and anthem

    F 11-8 Your immediate female ancestor; purty pitcher; grammar


    M 11-11 new vocabulary; dialect videos; finish things from Friday

    T 11-12 dialect video; XW#6; Texas Birdwells

    W 11-13 dialect video; VS#6; max grammar; finish Texas Birdwells

    Th 11-14 dialect video; Jamaican Birdwells; lit terms

    F 11-15 finish literary terms and Jamaican Birdwells; quiz


    M 11-18 finish quiz and Jamaican Birdwells; start Categories Coloring

    T 11-19 adv punct; finish Categories Coloring

    W 11-20 Quiz: editing and advanced punctuation

    Th 11-21 grammar; "The Mystery"

    F 11-22 Quiz: vocabulary and grammar


    M 1-6 No School

    T 1-7 NVD; jobs and hobbies; basic tax info

    W 1-8 XW#9; starting a business

    Th 1-9 VS#9; get a life

    F 1-10 "The Second Time"; finish getting a life


    M 1-13 finish "Business" and "Life" (the original assignments)

    T 1-14 "Finger Page" and "Your Momma"

    W 1-15 "Get More of a Life" (combining and extending the original assignments)

    W 1-15 finish "More of a Life"; "Your Momma"

    Th 1-16 budget and taxes

    F 1-17 finish "Life Choices"


    M 1-20 no school

    T 1-21 new vocabluary; "Get a Life"; "Your Momma"

    W 1-22 XW#10; Josh and Hyun

    Th 1-23 Literary terms; Bread, Fruit, and Cheese research

    F 1-24 Bread, Fruit, and Cheese research


    M 1-27 Food Slides

    T 1-28 Food Slides

    W 1-29 Diary (Day in the life of a 30 year old)

    Th 1-30 Finish Food Slides and Diary

    F 1-31 Elf on a Shelf


    M 2-3 Finish Elf on a Shelf; VS#19; Four Shadows

    T 2-4 "The Predator"

    W 2-5 Bread, Fruit, and Cheese Lab

    Th 2-6 Personality Disorder Story Part Two

    F 2-7 Finish Personality Disorder Story Part Two


    M 2-10 new vocab; finish quiz; start editing

    T 2-11 more new vocab; finish editing

    W 2-12 XW#11 start typing story

    Th 2-13 grade quiz; work on story

    F 2-14 VS#11; finish typing story


    M 2-17 no school

    T 2-18 homophones; finish typing story

    W 2-19 essay; "Chloe and Peyton"

    Th 2-20 "Chloe and Peyton"; research

    F 2-21 Practice STAAR


    M 2-24 doughnut research

    T 2-25 pizza research

    W 2-26 grammar; punctuation; "Dreaming"

    Th 2-27 coloring (literature)

    F 2-28 work more on "Pizza" and "Coloring"


    M 3-2 Finish "Pizzaa"; work on "Coloring"; new vocab

    T 3-3 write two prompts with quotes; crossword #12; finish "Coloring"

    W 3-4 write topic/details; vocabulary story #12; "Egbert"

    Th 3-5 four visual plans

    F 3-6 write an essay


    M 3-9 finish up things from last week

    T 3-10 Sculpture Research

    W 3-11 Sculpture Research (and book fair)

    Th 3-12 "The Drunkard"

    F 3-13 Doughnut/Sculpture Day