Learning at Home Parent Resources

  • The Leader in Me Remote Learning

    Engaging Remote Learners With Digital Resources

    March 23, 2020

    When students learn from home and we teach remotely, the learning tasks we assign are in constant competition with many household distractions. Let’s think deeply about how students learn independently and what motivates them, and strengthen our digital-learning instructional practices. It starts with our paradigms:

    • Teacher Paradigm: I empower students to master social-emotional skills through effective virtual-learning experiences.
    • Caregiver Paradigm: I enhance my student’s virtual learning when I engage in their practice and reflection.
    • Student Paradigm: I maximize my virtual learning by taking responsibility to connect and collaborate with others.

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  • Teacher's Advice on Homeschooling

    Although LDISD has chosen to ease into the idea of distance learning & homeschooling during this time, the following article has some great practical tips and peace of mind for teachers & parents to help them with learning at home.

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    Teacher: 'You don't have to strive for perfection' when homeschooling your kids

    It's OK if you hate teaching math. You're off the hook here.

    Here are the highlights. Click on the link below to read more...

    1. Take it easy on yourself.
    2. Let them get bored.
    3. Lean into reading.
    4. It's OK if you hate math.
    5. Don't forget home economics
    6. Give them choices
    7. Limit screen time
    8. Go old-school
    9. Model self-care
    10. Let kids feel their feelings

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  • Rooted in Love

    This is a video series by Mike Smith, the host of The Harbor, for high school students that focuses on what our students might be feeling and has a great call to action. It is just 5 minutes and is worth it!

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    rooted in love video