Health Procedures

  • Lake Dallas ISD will implement several health and safety measures during the 2020-21 school year to maintain quality learning environments for students and staff. Please note these procedures are subject to change based on the guidance of the Texas Education Agency and leading health agencies. The procedures listed on this page are a snapshot; to view all procedures, view our 2020-21 plan.

    To download a PDF document of the information on this page, click here.

    Students who have challenges or concerns about returning to school will have the ability to enroll in virtual learning. These students will not attend classes in person, limiting their exposure to others.

    Every Lake Dallas ISD student and staff member will receive a pull-up gaiter face covering provided by the school district. Face coverings help limit the transmission COVID-19. Face coverings will be required for students of all grade levels, based on CDC guidance. Face coverings must also be worn in accordance with any county or state guidelines.

    Everyone in attendance at a district facility is required to self-screen for any symptoms associated with COVID-19. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to a Lake Dallas ISD campus or facility.

    All Lake Dallas ISD campuses and facilities will continue to receive regular cleanings using CDC-recommended solutions designed to disinfect the novel coronavirus associated with COVID-19. These cleanings will focus on heavily touched or trafficked areas of a school or facility.

    Some furniture and items may be moved around schools to allow for more spacing between students. When possible, schools will try to implement the CDC-recommended distance of six feet. Additionally, front offices will now have transparent partitions for when students need to interact with front-office staff.

    To prevent the possible spread of the novel coronavirus on surfaces, students will not be allowed to share items – such as writing utensils or water bottles – with one another.

    For the 2020-21 school year, visitors will not be allowed at district campuses during the school day to reduce the amount of people at schools, thereby decreasing the amount of potential contagion points. Parents and caregivers will be limited to the front office but will not have access to any other areas of the school except when required for appointments.