How to Check out an Ebook

  • Log into Destiny Discover to check out an ebook

    1. Log in using your network password (example: username- adepperschmidt password- 12345678) in the upper right corner.

    2. Scroll down to the ebooks we have to choose from.  Select all to see the entire list of ebooks.

    3. You can sort by Title A-Z/Author or any other option given in the list on left side.

    4. CLick on any book to see a brief description of the book.

    5. The ebook must show 3 blue buttons (open, check out and favorite) in order to read the book online using your phone, Chromebook, tablet or laptop.

    6. It must also show a green "in" flag at the top left corner of the book.  If it shows a red "out" flag then it is not available, someone lese has it checked out.

    7. Click on the "check out" button and the ebook will get checked out to you for 4 weeks.  (Due date will be shown and it will automatically check back in on that date)  The book will be stored in your checkouts file under the main menu which is located at the top left corner.

    8. PLEASE check the book back in if you finish early so the next student can read it.



  • MediaCAST

    Mediacast Login Page


    You will need to make a reservation to show a video.  If you need it opened for multiple students to view at one time, please


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