21 Chromebook Keyboard Hacks

Chromebook Shortcuts

  • 1. Copy and Paste Shortcut

    • Ctrl + C copies the highlighted area to your clipboard.
    • Ctrl + X cuts the highlighted area and stores it to your clipboard.
    • Ctrl + V pastes whatever was copied or cut from your clipboard.

    2. Paste Without Formatting

    • Ctrl + \ pastes whatever you copied with its original formatting.
    • Ctrl + Shift + V pastes whatever you copied while clearing the original formatting.

    3. Shortcut for Undo

    • Ctrl + Z will undo the last thing you did.  This can usually be done multiple times, so hit Ctrl + X
      Z as many times as you need.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Y will undo your undo and put back the last thing you undid.

    4. Tab Shortcuts

    • Ctrl + T opens a new tab.
    • Ctrl + Shift + T reopens the last closed tab (which is great if you close a tab by accident).
    • Ctrl + W closes the currently selected tab.

    5. Dock Browser Windows (How to anchor or "dock" your browser screens so you can access them side-by-side)

    • Alt + ] docks one browser instance to the left.
    • Alt + [ dock one browser instance to the right.

    6. Zoom in Webpage

    • Ctrl + + to zoom in.
    • Ctrl +  - to zoom out.
    • Ctrl + 0  to reset zoom level.

    7. Chrome Browser History

    1. Ctrl + H lets you view your browsing history.  It's organized by date and time, but you can also search through it.

    8. Save All Open Tabs Into Bookmarks Folder

    • Ctrl + Shift + D puts all of your open tabs into one folder.  You can choose an existing one or follow the prompt to enter a new folder name.

    9. Take A Screenshot of your Chromebook Screen

    • Ctrl + Switcher (key on top row above the number 6) takes a screenshot and saves it to your default location.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Switcher takes a screenshot of part of your screen (you'll need to define the area with your mouse).

    10. Launch Applications From "App Shelf" (There is an "app shelf" or taskbar at the bottom of the screen where you can see icons that represent applications on your Chromebook) Here is how to open them quickly and easily without using your mouse: 

    • Alt + 1 launches the first app from the left.
    • Alt + 2 launches the second app from the left, and so on.

    11. Switch Between Open Windows and Apps

    • Alt + Tab allows you to cycle through tabs and apps until to get to where you want to be.

    12. Open Chromebook File Manager

    • Alt + Shift + M opens Chromebook's file manager.

    13. Google Drive Shortcuts

    • Shift + T creates a new Document
    • Shift + S creates a new Sheet
    • Shift + F creates a new Folder

    14. Word Count

    • Ctrl = shift + C shows the word count in a popup box on your screen.

    15. Go To the Top or Bottom of your Document

    • Ctrl + Search + left arrow key will go to the top of your document.
    • Ctrl + Search + right arrow will go to the bottom of your document.

     16. Insert Links

    • Ctrl + K allows you to insert a link into the text you've highlighted.

    17. Use Caps Lock

    • Alt + Search can be used to activate and deactivate Caps lock.
    • Alt + Assistant works too if your Chromebook keyboard doesn't have a Search.

    18. Delete Key on Chromebook

    • Alt + backspace = Delete key.

    19. Lock Chromebook Screen

    • Search + L quickly locks your Chromebook

    20. Sign Out of Chromebook

    • Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice) shuts down your Chromebook.