• Student Athletic Training Program

    The student athletic training (SAT) program is designed for the SATs to assist Licensed/Certified Athletic Trainers in providing quality care to Lake Dallas Student-Athletes.  This opportunity allows the SATs to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of sports medicine.  After classes and training, the SATs act as an extension of the Staff Athletic Trainers and may provide first responder coverage to his/her assigned team.  Students in the program will learn time management, basic taping skills, emergency action planning, CPR/AED certification, First aid, basic splinting, crutch fitting, medical terminology, medical abbreviations, and much more! If your student is interested in medicine, enjoys a team atmosphere, and/or wants to meet more people and get involved, then the student athletic training program could be a great fit! 

    If you or your student is interested in the program, please explore the links below for more information. We formally accept applications in the spring for the following school year. However, we are always open to interested students. Just contact one of our Athletic Trainers and they will make sure you get taken care of. Go Falcons! 

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