Potential reasons for Approval/Denial of Transfers

  • Approval

    • Space/program availability.
    • Student meets all required criteria.
    • Change of residence during the school year.

    If the student comes from Home School, Private School or Non-Accredited School:

    • Satisfactory scores on District administered test at 70th percentile or above.


    • History of poor attendance, late arrivals, late pick-ups, and/or discipline infractions.
    • For the purpose of participating in athletics at receiving campus.
    • Falsification of information.
    • Failing grades.
    • Failing state mandated test scores.
    • Failure to meet district criteria for transfer.
    • Decreased campus staffing.
    • Elementary projection exceeds 20 per class for K-4.
    • Elementary projection exceeds 22 per class for fifth grade.
    • Student projections reach 95% of campus/program capacity (the district reserves the right to adjust class size
    • Failure to submit all records from previous district.

    Special Notes

    • Students entering kindergarten are exempt from attendance and academic standards.
    • Students who move from one high school to another are ineligible for varsity competition for one year per UIL rules.
    • Students who transfer for athletic purposes may lose all remaining eligibility.

    The campus Principal may revoke a transfer based on the student's poor attendance, excessive tardies, inappropriate student behavior, or violations to student code of conduct.

    Additional Information: Office of Student Services at 940-497-4039.