• What is Limited Open Enrollment?

    Limited Open Enrollment is a program that allows children who do not live within LDISD's boundaries to apply for enrollment in Lake Dallas schools.

    What grade levels are eligible for Limited Open Enrollment?

    Student applications will be accepted for K-12th grades.

    How does Limited Open Enrollment work?

    Parents of a child living outside LDISD must complete an electronic application and submit it to the district. Once an application is received, campus Principal and Instructional Services will evaluate it and determine whether the student's application will be approved. The campus Principal may meet in person with students and parents before final approval.

    Is there a tuition charge or fee for non-resident students?

    Students who are accepted through the Limited Open Enrollment program will attend school in LDISD at no charge. However, please note that elective courses, lab courses, etc. often require class fees, which are required of any student, regardless of whether he or she is a resident.

    When is the next Limited Open Enrollment period?

    An application for the Limited Open Enrollment program will be accepted beginning April 1st until school capacity is reached each year. Applications must be submitted electronically.

    Where can I get an enrollment application form?

    The Limited Open Enrollment form will be available on the district's website and must be submitted electronically.

    My child participates in University Interscholastic League (UIL) activities at his current school. Will he be eligible to continue participating in LDISD?

    Per UIL, students who participate in UIL academic and music events such as debate, band, or orchestra will be immediately eligible to participate in those same events in LDISD (as long as the student is eligible under UIL general eligibility requirements). However, non-resident students participating in varsity athletics must be enrolled in LDISD for the entire previous calendar year before they may compete. This rule does not apply to junior varsity and lower teams, which are considered sub-varsity teams.

    Are siblings of a student accepted into the district through Limited Open Enrollment automatically considered for enrollment in subsequent years?

    They are held to the same criteria for enrollment as the first student i.e. staff and space capacity at a school, whether he/she has been expelled or placed in a disciplinary alternative education program in the previous twelve months, specialized staff and space capacity if a student has special needs.

    What if a student who enrolls through Limited Open Enrollment violates district rules?

    Board Policy FDA (LOCAL) states that students who transfer into the district may have their enrollment revoked if they do not follow all rules and regulations of the District, including those for student conduct and attendance, and that violation of the District's rules and regulations may result in revocation of the transfer agreement.

    How long will the Limited Open Enrollment program be continued?

    The district's policy on Limited Open Enrollment Board Policy FDA (LOCAL) states that the Superintendent may designate an open enrollment period each year. However, if there is no space available, then the Superintendent could simply choose not to designate an enrollment period.

    Does LDISD have room to add more students?

    In some instances, the district has the capacity for additional students. Because we already have the space, it is somewhat similar to having a bus or airplane with open seats. It will not cost us to add students. However, we will get additional state revenue from the students' attendance.

    Additional Information: Office of Student Services at 940-497-4039.