• School Administration

    Dr. Kristin N. Brown

    Wes Eversole
    Deputy Superintendent / CFO 

    Kelly O'Sullivan
    Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

    Karla Landrum
    Executive Director of Human Resources

    Scott Head 
    Executive Athletic Director

    Ashley Valdes
    Director of Communications

    Amanda Forman
    Director of Special Programs

    Mike Dabney
    Director of Technology

    Anne Haehn
    Director of Accounting

    Instructional Services

    Travis Waddell
    Executive Director of CTE & Advanced Academics

    John Modica
    Director of Student Services

    Shelly Wendt
    Director of Bilingual/ESL

    Michael Cromis
    Assistant Principal, DAEP

    Robin Hirneise
    Dyslexia Coordinator

    Stephanie Payne
    Coordinator of Assessment and RtI.

    Katie Landaverde
    Coordinator, Instructional Technology

    Dr. Cassandra Woods
    District 504/SPED Administrator

    Instructional Support

    Ashleigh Nay
    Instructional Coach ~ HS

    Chioe Ethridge
    Instructional Coach/Testing Coordinator ~ MS

    Barbara Himel
    Instructional Coach ~ SSE

    Suzanne Murray
    Instructional Coach/Testing Coordinator ~ LDE

    Kelly Espolt
    Instructional Coach/Testing Coordinator ~ CE

    Campus Administration

    Lake Dallas High School

    Mollie Avelino

    Rendee Garrison
    Associate Principal

    Jesus Gomez
    Dean of Instruction

    Russell Lopez
    Assistant Principal

    Arely Potts
    Assistant Principal

    Chris Linton
    Assistant Principal

    Lake Dallas Middle School

    Dr. Kendrick Johnson

    Sharee Glendenning
    Dean of Instruction

    Jonathan Mosby
    Assistant Principal

    Charlayne Heselton Pruitt
    Assistant Principal

    Lake Dallas Elementary 

    Kerri Blevins

    Cala High
    Assistant Principal

    Shady Shores Elementary

    Jennifer Bryant

    Alyssa Stevenson
    Assistant Principal

    Corinth Elementary

    Jessica Bovan

    Ashley Fay
    Assistant Principal

    Support Services

    Corey Ray
    Director of Child Nutrition

    Trent Stinson
    Director of Transportation

    David Talbert
    Executive Director of Facilities and Operations

    Bry Kenney
    Director of Childcare

    Lisa Walraven RN
    Health Services Coordinator