District of Distinction in Art Education

LDHS Visual Arts

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all studentswhether face-to-face or virtual, are required to purchase an art supply kit for their enrolled class.* The school has pre-ordered kits for each student enrolled in an art class. 
    The supply kits are individualized by class, and are for each student's personal use, as supplies can no longer be shared between students. 
    Art kits will be available for purchase through your art teacher (your child's art teacher). Cash or check, made out to Lake Dallas High School, are accepted.

    Student Art Kit prices are as follows:
    Art 1: $30.00 (retails for $53.03)
    Art 1 Honors: $45.00 (retails for $83.97)
    Art II Drawing: $45.00 (retails for $94.26)
    Art III and IV Drawing: $45.00 (retails for $80.06)
    Ceramics: $30.00 (retails for $49.47)
    Digital Media: $15.00 (retails for $23.40)
    AP Studio Art: Due to the individual nature of this class, students will be required to purchase a 9x12 mixed media sketchbook; and will be advised individually regarding other materials needed to fulfill portfolio goals.

    *Please email your art teacher (your child's art teacher) with any questions regarding required supplies.


    The Lake Dallas High School Art Department is built on a commitment to the support and practices of the arts in our school and the community. The Visual Art Department will implement and sustain an art education program fundamental to the development of knowledgeable, responsible, productive and creative human beings. It is our goal to review, reinforce, and develop art skills, knowledge, and understanding of aesthetics, analysis, historical, cultural, social, technological, interdisciplinary and global connections.

    The arts are basic to any educational program and have a generative power. Authentic, active learning integrates higher order thinking and knowledge. Arts education values both the process and the product. The arts have a far reaching potential to help students achieve educational goals outside the discipline. 

    Classes offered this year:
    Art 1
    Art 1 Honors
    Ceramics 1, 2 & 3
    Drawing 1, 2 & 3
    Digital Art & Media 1, 2 & 3
    AP 2D Portfolio
    AP Drawing Portfolio

    Additional classes that may be offered year to year:
    AP Art History

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