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    House Bill 5

    In 2013, the State Board of Education released new high school graduation plans for Texas students. The law, commonly referred to as HB 5, resulted in sweeping changes to the graduation plans for students entering high school starting in 2014-15.



    Previously, students in Texas graduated under one of three graduation plans: Distinguished, Recommended or Minimum. Those graduation plans are no longer offered to students entering the 9th grade beginning in 2014-2015.

    Under the new plan, students earn a Foundation of credits and declare an Endorsement. Think of Endorsements as Majors in high school. By state law, every student entering the 9th grade in 2014 will enter LDHS on the Foundation + Endorsement Plan.



  • Endorsements

    Endorsements are similar to majors in high school. Each Endorsement contains pathways that determine what type of classes the student will take throughout their high school career. Each offers a variety of courses designed to allow students to pursue specific interests. Each endorsement can be rigorous and flexible to meet student needs. There is ample room in each Endorsement for electives and participation in extracurricular activities.  

    How does a student choose an endorsement?  By looking at interests and future career goals. 


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