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    Lake Dallas ISD voters approved a $105 million bond package in May 2019 to update several campuses across the district to best meet the needs of students and teachers. The bond package was created under the direction of a long-range planning committee led by community members.

    All projects listed are anticipated to be completed by August 2021. For information on each major project, please click on the appropriate area below or on the left navigation bar.

    Current Bond Projects
    Corinth Elementary School

    Corinth Elementary School will receive safety and security updates as well as physical and visual updates to its campus building.

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    A rendering of an aerial overview of the work at Corinth Elementary School
    Lake Dallas Middle School

    Lake Dallas Middle School will receive significant physical education and athletic improvements to replace decades-old space on its campus. Parking and traffic flow will also be improved.

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    A rendering of the outdoor space to the new athletic additions at Lake Dallas Middle School
    Lake Dallas High School

    Lake Dallas High School will receive extensive updates to modernize the campus, including new education space and a new multipurpose indoor extracurricular facility. The updates will also increase safety and security.

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    A rendering of an aerial overview of the work at Lake Dallas High School

    “The citizens of Lake Dallas ISD have committed to continued strong support of their local public schools with the passage of the 2019 bond. We have tremendous respect and admiration for the long-range facilities committee, district staff, and Board of Trustees that spent several months reviewing, assessing, deliberating and ultimately deciding on the needs for more than 4,000 students and 600 employees.  Creating the best educational environment for students and staff, building relationships and caring for our community are priorities for us.  This approval will impact all LDISD students for many years to come.”