Purple Star

Welcome to Lake Dallas Elementary

  • Within the first week of enrollment at Lake Dallas Elementary School, a military-connected student can expect to be welcomed by our administrative or faculty liaison.  During that first week, all military-connected students receive a "new student brochure" to get acquainted with the campus during their student-led campus tour.  We will also spend time during lunch getting to know our new students, answering any questions and helping them to feel comfortable in their new campus home.

    Our campus will periodically host events for military-connected students.  This provides our students with an opportunity to spend time with campus liaisons and build relationships with staff members on campus, as well as other military-connected students.

    We encourage students to become involved in our extracurricular activities and clubs.  For more information about our extracurricular clubs and activities, please visit LDE Activities.

    Your student's teacher may also offer after-school tutorials.  We encourage you to contact your child's teacher regarding tutorial opportunities:  LDE Staff Directory

    For more information on Lake Dallas Elementary School's Student Code of Conduct, please click here:  LDISD Student Code of Conduct

    Campus Administrator Liaison:  Cala High

    Campus Faculty Liaison:  Adriana McNellie