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    Free Meals All year

    USDA has extended a waiver which allows all Lake Dallas ISD students to eat meals at no cost through June 30, 2021.  Learn More!

    Lake Dallas ISD continues to seek guidance from the Texas Education Agency, Denton County Health Department, Centers for Diseas Control and Prevention, and other state and federal entities in determining appropriate measures in responding to the challenges being faced due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please review our protocols below, as our top priority is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our students. 

    • Child Nutrition staff are required to self-screen for symptoms before coming onto campus each day.  Any employee with COVID-19 symptoms or are lab-confirmed with COVID-19 should report to the school system, and must remain off campus until they meet criteria for re-entry. 
    • Child Nutrition staff will use facial coverings, face shields, and gloves when performing job responsibilities. 
    • Lake Dallas ISD kitchens and cafeterias are cleaned and disinfected daily.  Cafeterias, serving areas, and all eating areas are cleaned between lunch periods or rotation of students.
    • Signage is located in the cafeteria and serving area to reinforce social distancing. 
    • Self-served food items will be covered or wrapped, to eliminate the spread of germs. 
    • Grab & Go style of service will be implemented when appropriate, to promote social distancing. 


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  • Stephanie Reese
    Stephanie Reese
    Director of Child Nutrition

    315 East Hundley Drive
    Lake Dallas, Texas 75065
    or 940-497-8471