Lake Dallas ISD Communication

  • The Lake Dallas ISD Communications Department serves to inform families of news and events within the school district. Our goal is to proactively tell families the stories happening within the district and its schools as the primary source of information so families are always aware of important news.

    Some tasks completed by the communications department include, but are not limited to:

    • Email and newsletter communication
    • Social media management
    • Website management
    • Photography
    • Community relations
    • Special events
    • Media correspondence
    • One-on-one correspondence

    Our department strives to showcase the exemplary accomplishments of students, teachers and staff as well as schools and their programs. While the department focuses primarily on district-provided news and information, it also works with local media outlets to ensure accurate information is provided to those channels when necessary.

    Lake Dallas ISD accounts, managed by communications staff, can be found on the following platforms: