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Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year Program

The district recognizes the excellence in teaching that exists in every Lake Dallas ISD school through participation in the "Teacher of the Year" awards program. This program, aligned with the state and national level programs, honors outstanding public educators and is coordinated by the Human Relations Department.

Each school in the district has the privilege of naming a campus teacher of the year. One elementary and one secondary teacher are selected from the campus Teachers of the Year to move on to the regional competition.



On Tuesday, May 16, Lake Dallas Middle School teacher John Fabro and Shady Shores Elementary School teacher Beth Lake were named the district Teachers of the Year. Thank you both for representing Lake Dallas so well.


LDISD Teachers of the Year graphic


Sara Schmidt, LDHS Teacher of the Year (Photos)

Ms. Schmidt currently serves as the Librarian at Lake Dallas High School. Ms. Schmidt has worked at Lake Dallas Middle School and Lake Dallas High School. She was awarded a 2021 Lake Dallas Education Foundation Grant for building classroom libraries.  Ms. Schmidt has created a welcoming environment in the High School library where kids are thriving. With any aspect of education, Schmidt’s main priority is communicating to students that they are seen and valued each and every day. 

John Fabro, LDMS Teacher of the Year (Photos)

He is currently the Investigating Careers teacher at Lake Dallas Middle School where he has dedicated his educational career to inspiring students and fostering a love of learning for the past nine years. Mr. Fabro began his teaching career at Lake Dallas ISD as a 7th grade math teacher. During his time at Lake Dallas Middle School, he has served as the student council and yearbook advisor where he mentored student leaders to foster a positive culture both on campus and in the community. He has also held a seat on various campus and district committees and mentored many new teachers. He has been recognized for his partnerships within the community and continues to build strong relationships with everyone. He prides himself on consistently collaborating with his colleagues to better fit the needs of his students.

Bethany Hoffman, CE Teacher of the Year (Photos)

Mrs. Bethany Hoffman believes that fostering a strong rapport and a supportive classroom community is essential to building successful academic and social achievement for students. Mrs. Hoffman developed her strength in mathematics and science education and strives to maintain classroom organization, structure, and community in order to create unique learning experiences for students. Her lesson plans intentionally address her students' wide range of skills and intelligence, which include multiple methods of motivation and a positive approach that encourages students to exceed expectations. Mrs. Hoffman soundly believes in hands-on learning through exploration. 

Carmen Medeiros, LDE Teacher of the Year (Photos)

Ms. Medeiros teaches First Grade Bilingual at Lake Dallas Elementary. Ms. Medeiros’ passion for our youth extends beyond the classroom.  She is active in her community and church.  In 2018, she was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Month. Ms. Medeiros believes in fostering an inclusive learning environment where all her students feel that their voices matter. 

Beth Lake, SSE Teacher of the Year (Photos)

Beth Lake has taught in special education for 25 years and worked at both Corinth Elementary and now Shady Shores Elementary. At SSE she has taught the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). This truly became her "happy place" where for nine years she has had the privilege to watch tiny miracles happen right before her eyes. Being a part of such an important time in the little ones' lives is very rewarding. She gets to love on the cutest little Falcons and has many opportunities to help educate and guide parents making a strong impact on early education.




On Friday, May 27, during the district's End of the Year Celebration, Lake Dallas High School teacher Marcee Anderson and Corinth Elementary School teacher Allison McCowan were named the district Teachers of the Year. Thank you both for representing Lake Dallas so well.




Marcee Anderson (LDHS):

The Lake Dallas High School teacher of the year is Marcee Anderson. Marcee is not only an exemplary teacher, she is a huge asset to our campus as a whole. Her genuine desire to determine the best way to meet each of her student's unique learning needs in the classroom is remarkable.  On most days, you’ll see her car in the parking lot way before anyone else, and she’ll start a pot of coffee for any of her peers who need to stop by for some straight talk and motivation before the students arrive.  Marcee is supportive of her students not only in the classroom but also in their extra-curricular activities. She is often seen attending her students' games, concerts, etc. after school hours. In Marcee's 18-year tenure at LDHS, she has served on several committees, including CEIC, and DEIC, as well as department chair for the special education department.  When we look at what it truly means to exemplify our Falcon Family, Marcee is IT. 

Cynthia Simon (LDMS):

The Lake Dallas Middle School teacher of the year is Mrs. Cynthia Simon. Mrs. Simon has been with Lake Dallas for the past five years teaching Resource ELA and Math. However, she has 25 years of service in education, teaching Social Adjustment and Behavioral Interventions. She is known for holding her students to a high standard but making sure those standards are reachable for each individual student. Her students described her as kind, hard-working, and a great coach. She always has a smile on her face and she loves coaching the LDMS Cheer team.

John High (LDE):

The Lake Dallas Elementary Teacher of the Year is John High. This is Mr. High’s 30th year of teaching, all in Lake Dallas ISD. He is a phenomenal human being who cares for all students and teachers. He goes above and beyond for anyone, anytime. He is always the first one to jump in and help with whatever is needed to ensure that a student will be successful. He is the backbone of Lake Dallas Elementary, and we could not be more proud to have Mr. High represent LDE.

Allison McCowan (CE):

Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year is Allison McCowan. She has taught first grade for 6 years, all in Lake Dallas ISD. Mrs. Mac, as her students call her, holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and finished a Master's degree in counseling and psychology with a 4.0 GPA. She not only holds herself to high expectations but also holds her students to very high expectations. She helps every one of her students thrive. She is an avid cheerleader for her students and Corinth Elementary. We, the staff at CE, are better because we get to work alongside her. Her students call themselves the Rockstars. They come back to visit year after year because they know she believes in them and, once a rockstar, they are a rockstar for life.

Lisa Schreck (SSE):

The Shady Shores Elementary Teacher of the Year is Lisa Schreck. This is Lisa’s 5th year at Lake Dallas ISD. She is completing her 4th year as a special education teacher. Prior to teaching, she was a special education paraprofessional in Lake Dallas ISD for 1 year. In December, Lisa graduated with her Master’s Degree from Texas Woman’s University in Special Education with a focus on Autism Intervention. She goes above and beyond in every situation, no matter what. Every day she brings her sunshine to SSE and serves her students with joy and love. She sacrifices time, energy, and even her physical body to serve the children in her classroom. She does all of this with grace and passion to make sure no one is left behind. She defines the meaning of putting Falcons first. Every day she works tirelessly to make sure that these students get everything they need and more. When I think about a hero, I think of someone like Lisa Schreck - humble, caring, loving, kind, dependable, and selfless.  

Meet Our 2021 Teachers of the Year!

For the 2020-21 school year, every Lake Dallas ISD educator was named a Teacher of the Year for the exceptional work all have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Every educator has put in more work because of the added requirements such as virtual learning, and our district is proud of all they have helped our students accomplish.


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