• LDISD Transportation

    The mission of the Transportation Department is to provide safe, reliable, and quality service in a caring environment for students, staff, and the community through a well-trained, professional and positive staff that exceeds customers' needs in the most cost-effective manner.


    Families who qualify for district-provided bus transportation for the 2023-24 school year have registered their student(s) for transportation services in Skyward during the annual registration process.

    As a reminder, a student is eligible to receive district-provided bus service if his or her home is two or more miles from school via the shortest route (in terms of distance) using public roads. Please be aware that elementary students may have to walk up to 0.25 miles and secondary students may have to walk up to 0.5 miles to a bus stop. Additionally, students can receive transportation if they live in a hazardous area. If your child has special needs, please contact your student's campus for more information.


Transportation Safety Video