Robin Reeves: Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year

  • CE TOY “Robin Reeves has been at LDISD for 16 years. She always wears a smile, always finds a way to communicate with parents that speak other languages, always involves herself in everything going on at the school, and always loves on students – present, past and future. She is known for spending her Saturdays going to student ball games and using her creativity, and lots of vinyl, to make our campus very pretty and outfitting our teachers in cute shirts. It is a pleasure to name Ms. Reeves our Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year!”

                     Vangee Deussen, Corinth Elementary Principal



    Get to know Robin Reeves in this Q & A: 

    # of years at LDISD:  16

    Positions held at LDISD: 

    4th grade - 11 years, 3rd grade - 5 years


    Bachelor of Science - Interdisciplinary Studies (1st - 8th Grade) ESL Certification

    Professional Affiliations:



    DATCU Teacher of the Month - March 2018, Lake Dallas Master Teacher

    Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

    My favorite thing about being a teacher is building relationships with students and their families that will last a lifetime.

    Favorite thing about your campus . . .

    My favorite thing about Corinth Elementary is the students and staff. Corinth Elementary makes everyone feel like they are part of the Falcon Family.

    Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

    I love LDISD. It is big opportunities in a small town atmosphere. I love that everyone knows each other and if you need something, it is probably a phone call away.

    About receiving your campus Teacher of the Year . . .

    Shocked! If you have ever been to Corinth Elementary, you know our campus is full of AWESOME teachers. I can't believe out of all the awesomeness on our campus, I was the lucky one.

  • Robin Reeves