"PE Coach Jamie Roach continues to bring innovation and excitement to the students of Lake Dallas Elementary. Over the past several years, she has been integral in establishing new traditions within the LDISD athletics program.  Whether working to receive a $25,000 initial grant to form a “Marathon Kid’s” club at LDE - which quickly expanded to include all 3 LDISD elementary campuses and landed her a position as a National Ambassador for the Nike sponsored program, or designing a series of district-wide field days that are inclusive of all students every year, Coach Roach is 100% dedicated to the task at hand. Our students show up early for before school morning sports workshops and end the day with an after-school sports club.  Her passion for health education is evident in all that she does and Lake Dallas Elementary is a healthier, happier place with Coach Roach as part of our campus."


    Dr. Jennifer Perry, LDE Principal

  • CE Teacher of the Year

    LDE Teacher of the Year

    SSE Teacher of the Year

    LDMS Teacher of the Year

    LDHS Teacher of the Year

Jamie Roach: Lake Dallas Elementary Teacher of the Year


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    # of Years at LDISD - 5

    Positions held at LDISD 

    Physical Education


    UNT Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Pre-k-12 SPED Prek-12 PE

    Professional Affiliations

    TAHPERD, Shape America, ATPE


    Marathon Kids Ambassador, while in LDISD I have received nearly $25,000 in grant money from various organizations (LCEF, Marathon Kids, Cooper Institute, Action for Healthy Kids), pushed for Marathon Kids district wide, had our marathon kids program featured on the channel 5 news with myself and students being interviewed, featured in the Denton Record Chronicle,

    Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

    I have the best job in the school....I get to play with students all day and be active and that makes me happy! Instilling a love for being physically active is something I don't take for granted and I am thankful and feel blessed everyday to be in this position.

    Favorite thing about your campus . . .

    LDE has become my home away from home. I love being there so much that I often stay late after school and play with teachers kids and alphabest students. The staff and students at LDE have become my family members. Everyone is very supportive and I couldn't be any happier with my job!

    Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

    I love the small town feel of LDISD. I feel that I am able to build better relationships with students, parents, and staff because we are a small community and everyone knows everyone! I love that and it has definitely made my job much more enjoyable.

    First thoughts about receiving campus Teacher of the Year . . .

    I honestly felt honored and proud that my hard work is valued, recognized and appreciated.