Rhonda Fruendt was hired with Lake Dallas ISD in 2005 and has been a loyal asset to our district. She has held different roles, from ALE to 2nd and 3rd grade classroom teacher and she has been a leader for her staff and team. She first forms and maintains a relationship with her students. She knows 2-3 positive traits about each student. When asked about a student, that is always her first response. Rhonda and her family are large community supporters. They built a little library to go in the gardens at CE. Mr. Fruendt and his men’s group smoke briskets and hams, then sell them, and the proceeds buy books for every student at Corinth Elementary. She is always willing to stay and collaborate with teachers to do what is best for kids. She has a big heart for kids and is always pushing kids to do their best and meet high expectations. Rhonda has been a role model and mentor to her teammate who is brand new to teaching this year. She is always eager to share what is going on in her class.


    Thank you Rhonda for being an excellent educator.  

    Vangee Deussen, CE Principal

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Rhonda Fruendt: Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year

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    # of Years at LDISD - 15

    Positions held at LDISD

    Elementary Teacher - ALE, 2nd, & 3rd Grade


    University of North Texas - Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies

    Professional Affiliations

    Friends of Texas Public Schools


    Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year 2020, Falcon Flight Academy, Master Teacher, LD2 and LDISD Ambassador, TWU Student-Teacher Mentor, Piloting - Blended Learning Academy on our campus

    Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

    Building relationships with students as they transform from the beginning of the year to the end is my favorite thing about being a teacher. It is such a joy to be part of their journey as they learn, mature, and grow into independent thinkers.

    Favorite thing about your campus . . .

    I love Corinth Elementary. I love the teachers, administrators, staff, and of course the students. It has been my extended family for many years. It is a place where I have grown personally and professionally. My favorite thing about Corinth Elementary is that we all work as a team with the same mission in mind: to provide the best learning environment and experience for our students.

    Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

    I love our falcon pride. One of the first things I noticed when I started with LDISD was the school spirit throughout the entire district. We are very proud of our tight-knit community that offers the best educational opportunities for all. Being supported by the district that goes above and beyond is the reality. I love our district and all of the friendly people that make this place home. #FalconForever

    First thoughts about receiving campus Teacher of the Year . . .

    I was surprised and humbled. I know every teacher at Corinth Elementary works very hard to ensure every student's education and well-being are the top priority. No teacher does this alone. My great team, as well as, our great staff create an environment that helps motivate me to always do my best and focus on the students' needs. None of this is possible without being surrounded by great people. I am blessed with those supportive people at school and at home.