Jeanette Murray is one of the most inspiring art teachers I have ever known.  She is her honest, authentic self, and her passion in her teaching is what drives her students to want to succeed, and they do...at high levels and in high numbers.  Her committment and ability to work as a part of a team has garnered state recognition, not just for her students, but for the District as well.  Jeanette Murray is truly a teacher of distinction.

    Dr. Kristi Strickland, LDHS Principal

  • CE Teacher of the Year

    LDE Teacher of the Year

    SSE Teacher of the Year

    LDMS Teacher of the Year

    LDHS Teacher of the Year

Jeanette Murray: Lake Dallas High School Teacher of the Year

  • HS TOY

  • Get to know Jeanette Murray in this Q & A: 

    # of Years at LDISD -19

    Positions held at LDISD 

    Paraprofessional and Visual Arts Teacher


    BA in Art History and Art Education

    Professional Affiliations

    Texas Art Education Association


    2019-2020 District of Distinction in the Visual Arts for the State of Texas

    Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

    I love working with teenagers, inspiring them to do better and be better in everything they do. I love providing a place for students to feel like they belong. Teaching them that they are valued human beings, to think critically and creatively, and problem solve; as well as to contribute to their society, are some of the most important lessons that can be learned in art. There are so many life lessons that can be found in art. It's the best!

    Favorite thing about your campus . . .

    The kids and the staff are the best. I love the activity and the life they all bring to the hallways and the classroom. In the morning, I always walk the hallways to say hello to kids and staff. I love all the hellos, the hi-fives, the hugs, and the first bumps. Being there is like being home.

    Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

    There is a true sense of community and family at LDISD. People go out of their way to help one another; if you need something, all you have to do it ask. People care; and what's more important than that in this world?

    First thoughts about receiving campus Teacher of the Year . . .

    I don't remember what my first thought was, but I definitely remember my heart pounding, I was shaking; and I felt like I was going to throw up, and I cried at the same time...but in a good way. In all seriousness, though, it is such a huge honor. I have received so many wonderful messages from my coworkers, admin, and my students. It's so amazing to know that so many people value you as a person, and for the work you do. For me, it's a work of love; and I think people recognize that. That's what makes teaching so worthwhile.