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Students receive free meals for remainder of 2020

The United States Department of Agriculture has extended a waiver for all Lake Dallas ISD students to receive breakfast and lunch meals at no cost beginning Oct. 1 and lasting through the end of 2020.

In-person learners will go through the cafeteria line as normal to receive their meals at no cost.  Virtual learners may participate in curbside pickup to receive free meals. This service must be pre-ordered via this Google Form to guarantee meal coverage.  

Please note that this only applies to regular student meals, as any a la carte items – including second meals, extra side items, snacks and beverages – will keep their regular costs. 

When students return from winter break, all student meals will again cost their regular amounts. Families are encouraged to continue to apply for the free and reduced-cost meal program to ensure any students eligible for free or discounted meals receive these benefits in January.  Please contact the Child Nutrition Department at 940-497-2225 with any questions.