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Lake Dallas High School Pep Rally at Corinth Rehabilitation Suites

With Homecoming 2021: Falcons Are Out of This World right around the corner and wanting to instill in our students the importance of giving back to the community, Lake Dallas High School shared a pep rally with the community at the Corinth Rehabilitation Suites in Corinth, Texas. 

Due to COVID-19, some of the residents at Corinth Rehab have been there for over a year with very little contact with anyone other than their staff.  This was a tremendous opportunity for Lake Dallas to help a facility that is in need of engagement with the outside world. Among the Lake Dallas participants were several of our varsity sports teams, cheerleaders, the Highsteppers dance team, and marching band.

When the students arrived at the rehabilitation center, residents were ready to go with their pom-poms and signs as if at a normal pep rally. During the pep rally, students performed cheers, dances, the fight song, and the Falcon chant.