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How your child is counted for attendance this school year

With the addition of virtual learning to the traditional in-school learning environment, attendance will look a little different this year. To make attendance easier to understand, we’ve created a brief guide for families. Please remember that elementary attendance is counted daily, while secondary attendance is counted daily per class scheduled for that day.

To download an informational PDF depicting the descriptions below, click here.

In-Person Learners
In-person students continue to be counted for attendance by showing up for classes. In the event that an in-person learner is not present for class, he or she also has the option of engaging as a virtual learner in the same manner as seen in the section below.

Virtual Learners
For virtual students, attendance in a class is determined by logging into that class in SeeSaw (at the elementary level) or that day’s courses in Canvas (at the secondary level). Students must be engaged in some way – whether by showing progress in classwork, completing an assignment or interacting with the teacher.