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Information on COVID-19 reporting in Lake Dallas ISD

With the return of all in-person learners, Lake Dallas ISD has begun voluntarily reporting district COVID-19 and absentee data to the Denton County Public Health Department. The county will provide this data, along with data for all other participating Denton County school districts, publicly at

This website will be updated daily by DCPH, and it can be viewed either for an entire school district or a specific campus. Lake Dallas ISD’s data should appear beginning soon, as Sept. 8 was the first day district data was submitted following the full return of all in-person learners. This data, which comes directly from Lake Dallas ISD’s health services team, will include both student absences (regardless of reason) as well as confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The link to the county school district COVID-19 dashboard is also located on our 2020-21 school year page,

How families will be informed of COVID-19 cases

While the Denton County website is a great way to view overall statistics, you may be wondering how you’ll know about your child’s specific environment. If and when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, all families and staff at that person’s campus will be alerted via email letter.

This letter will provide a general description of the case while not providing any identifying information about the individual who tested positive to respect his or her privacy.

In addition to the letter sent to the entire school, anyone who had potential “close contact” (as defined by the CDC) exposure to the person who tested positive will receive a separate letter. For those who had close contact with the person who tested positive, a mandatory 14-day quarantine will take place. During this time, any students or staff in quarantine cannot visit the campus or any district facility and will be transitioned to the district’s virtual learning program for that period.

COVID-19 Positive Test Communication Groups

Group 1:
General School Population
The campus where a positive COVID-19 case has been confirmed will receive a letter about the case. Families and staff who receive only this letter have no known close contact with the person who tested positive.
Group 2:
Close Contacts
Students and staff who had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 will receive this letter and be required to quarantine for 14 days. Anyone in this group will be transitioned to virtual learning for the duration of the quarantine.

Lake Dallas ISD representatives will work with the Denton County Public Health Department to carefully determine those in the close contact group based on exposure to the individual who tested positive.

Per CDC guidance, close contact occurs primarily in two areas. First, if a person was directly exposed to infectious secretions, such as being coughed on by someone who tested positive. Second, if a person was within 6 feet of the individual who tested positive for a cumulative total of 15 minutes, taking into account factors such as face coverings, ventilation, physical partitions and similar aspects.

We will continue to keep families and staff informed of any notable updates regarding our efforts to combat COVID-19. Thank you for following health procedures so we can have a great school year!