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Schools preparing for online STAAR testing on campus

The Texas Education Agency has mandated that all students be administered online STAAR assessments beginning no later than the 2022-23 school year, and Lake Dallas ISD has prepared for this requirement to provide students with safe testing environments.

STAAR exams for various subjects are required in grades 3 to 12, and the TEA requires school districts to administer the exams in monitored environments. While the TEA waived STAAR exams last school year, all students are required to take their scheduled STAAR exams this school year.

To best meet the health and safety needs of students and staff while providing distraction-free testing environments, Lake Dallas ISD schools will begin conducting STAAR assessments online this school year.  LDISD will implement the following:

  • All students taking the STAAR 3-8 and STAAR End of Course Exams will take the assessments on their enrolled campus.

  • All students will be administered the online version of the STAAR assessment in the appropriate testing environment on their enrolled campus.

  • The LDISD Testing Calendar can be seen below for each grade level. Campuses will test one grade level of students each day in order to allow social distancing, maintain a secure testing environment, and ensure there is an ample amount of test administrators available for all students. 

  • Lake Dallas High School will assess only one course each day. Lake Dallas ISD received a waiver to allow high school students who are not taking an End-of-Course exam to attend school virtually on designated testing days. Students will learn from home by logging into Canvas and completing their assignments.

  • STAAR accommodations will be made available to students who meet eligibility criteria as determined by ARD, 504, RtI and/or LPAC committees.

Lake Dallas ISD Testing Schedule

Lake Dallas ISD
Elementary Campuses Testing Calendar
Date Assessment
April 6 4th Grade Writing
May 11 5th Grade Reading
May 12 4th Grade Reading
May 13 3rd Grade Reading
May 14 5th Grade Science
May 18 5th Grade Math
May 19 4th Grade Math
May 20 3rd Grade Math
Lake Dallas Middle School Testing Calendar
Date Assessment
April 6 7th Grade Writing
May 4 Algebra I EOC
May 6 8th Grade Science
May 7 8th Grade Social Studies
May 11 8th Grade Reading
May 12 7th Grade Reading
May 13 6th Grade Reading
May 18 8th Grade Math
May 19 7th Grade Math
May 20 6th Grade Math
Lake Dallas High School Testing Calendar
Date* Assessment
April 6 English I EOC
April 8 English II EOC
May 4 Algebra I EOC (A-K and 11th Grade Retests)
May 5 Biology EOC
May 6 Algebra I EOC (L-Z)
U.S. History EOC
*Only students enrolled in the course associated with the EOC or students who are required to reassess to fulfill graduation requirements will attend campus on these dates. Students who do not fall into one of those two categories will learn from home on these dates. In order to be present for the day, students will need to log into Canvas and make progress in their coursework.

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