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All educators named Teachers of the Year for leading in challenging circumstances

Lake Dallas ISD has named all of its educators as the district’s collective Teachers of the Year, thanking them for overcoming tremendous obstacles in a demanding, pandemic-influenced school year.

Dr. Gayle Stinson, superintendent of schools, said every teacher deserves recognition for the extra effort put forth throughout the course of the 2020-21 school year.

“It’s no secret that this has been a challenging year, and when we looked at who’s gone above and beyond across Lake Dallas ISD, we came up with a simple answer: Every single educator in our district,” she said, addressing educators. “When you became an educator, you didn’t expect to live through a pandemic, and you didn’t expect it to drastically change what you do. And, to be clear, when I say ‘drastically change,’ I know that means ‘add more.’ All of our teachers and staff have more work to do, and you’ve done it with excellence all year long.”

Lake Dallas ISD employs more than 400 educators, each of whom received a gift box to prepare for summer break.

This year, educators have faced difficulties stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a winter storm that canceled several days of school. Lake Dallas ISD appreciates all the hard work of its educators, as they have all ensured students are learning in the face of formidable circumstances.

“It would be a disservice not to recognize each and every one of our teachers for all their hard work they’ve put into this school year,” Dr. Stinson said. “I know that I speak for everyone in the district when I say ‘thank you’ to our teachers for all they’ve given us this school year.”