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Six middle school students earn honors in visual arts competition

Six Lake Dallas Middle School students recently earned top honors at the Texas Art Education Association’s Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event, with half of those students earning perfect scores.

At least one student from each Lake Dallas Middle School grade level earned an honor in the TAEA competition, and each grade level also had a perfect score recipient. To receive a perfect score, a student had to earn a score of 60 (which earns a rating of 4). Perfect score recipients include sixth-grader Jayden Austin, seventh-grader Cindy Pacheco and eighth-grader Randi Luke.

Additional honorees include sixth-grader Madison Marbra (rating of 4) and eighth-graders Emma Gonzales (rating of 4) and Arianna Roberts (rating of 3).

The TAEA Junior VASE judges students on a rating scale of 1-4. Rating 4, the top possible, signifies an “excellence” piece of art, while a rating of 3 represents a “strong” piece of art. Ratings of 2 and 1 represent “developing” and “emerging” art, respectively. For more information about the Junior VASE competition, click here.

To see photos of each TAEA Junior VASE honoree and his or her artwork, click here.