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An Act of Kindness Shown by Two LDHS Students

At the January Board meeting, two Lake Dallas High School students, Brady Gailitz and James Gividen, were recognized for exemplifying what it means to be a Falcon in the community.

A few weeks ago, the district received a letter from a parent sharing their appreciation for these students.

A mom from the opposing team wrote:

My son plays on the Birdville team and I wanted to share something that happened in the stands tonight that really blessed everyone that saw it.  

My father, who is 80 went to grab popcorn and came back with just a water.  I thought that was weird.  A few minutes later, 2 of your boys walked all the way up the visitor stands and found my dad on the top row and handed him a bag of popcorn.  They said they saw him drop his bag of popcorn in the hallway and wanted to buy him another bag.


We all could not get over it.  Just the kindness to someone they don’t even know on the other side and the top row of the stands.

Our pastor was actually with us and went over and found them (they were sitting behind the score table together) and told them what an impact they had made on everyone tonight.

Tonight you guys won, no matter the score.

Thank you to these students for exemplifying the #FalconsFirst motto and for being respected members of the Falcon Family.