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There's a playwright among us

B Spinks

Breanna Spink put Lake Dallas High School in the spotlight when her play made her a Thespian Playworks finalist at the International Thespian Festival.

“I’ve always really enjoyed writing and I’ve always really enjoyed theatre,” she said. “This was really my first time combining both of them and so to be recognized felt like I now had an idea of what I wanted to do in life.”

According to her theatre director, Jordan Love, words cannot describe the quality of Breanna’s work and the dedication she put into it.

“I think the work is exquisite. I’ve read a lot of plays and this piece is special,” he said. “There’s a lot of maturity in it that you don’t see in a lot of adult playwrights.”

Breanna’s piece was so impressive that it was among the four plays that were selected for rewrites and production at the national convention this year. Samuel French, Inc., a renowned play publishing company, will publish her work after the convention.

“A lot of my favorite plays are published by Samuel French so the idea that my name is going to be under that company is something I would never dream of,” she said. “My mind is still reeling about it.”

Breanna will get to work with professionals at the convention who will guide her in making the right choices as far as theatre is concerned. At the moment, her directors, Mr. Love and Melissa Shamp, are continuing to help develop her playwriting career.

“They are always very responsive and always willing to listen and help out,” Breanna said. “I truly owe a lot to them.”

She is also thankful to Lake Dallas for giving her a place to demonstrate her creativity.

“One of the things I’ve learned is that you really need a specific place you can go to where you can focus,” Breanna said.  “Being at Lake Dallas and being in this theatre department has given me that place.”

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