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LD Senior Creates Megaphone Art

Jacey Boles As Jacey Boles stroked her paintbrush onto her megaphone, she was delighted at the opportunity to finally create art that celebrates the Falcon school spirit. Senior students of Lake Dallas Varsity Cheer maintain a tradition of painting the inside of their megaphones and Jacey has waited years for this challenge.

“From years past, when I was a freshman or sophomore and seeing seniors getting to paint inside their megaphone, it got me to think about my designs and I have been looking forward to it,” she said.

Since Jacey is a Senior AP Art student and a Varsity Cheerleader, this project meant more to her than others could imagine. Her teammates are well aware of her artistic talent and four of them asked her to create something unique for them.

Five weeks and many tubes of acrylic paint later, her masterpiece was completed. Jacey made sure her megaphone was exceptional by integrating three-dimensional floral design.

“I wanted to make mine unique so I added the 3-D foam flowers to make it pop,” she said. “Something that shows the beauty in nature and realism.”

Just as Jacey expected, it didn’t take long for people to start noticing her megaphone on game day and other school events.

“I was thinking about how I wanted it to show up bright from the stands and how people can see it from far away,” she said. “The first [home] game was really cool, holding it up. A lot of people from the crowd wanted to see it and asked who did it.”

Although her megaphone designs were easy on the eyes, they weren’t as simple to create.

“It’s challenging to paint inside a megaphone and make it look so good,” Jacey said. “A lot of people were asking how I got all the way in there. I guess they were amazed that I can paint inside a megaphone but also have a design to it.”

Because her work was so well received and appreciated, Jacey set her mind to continue making art.

“I would like to paint more stuff like this for other people,” she said. “I think it would be cool as a side job because a lot of people are amazed by it.”

Jacey is planning to go to art school after graduation and this project would complement her university application.

“It’s definitely cool to have a cheer-related prop with art in it. It could help our art program too if I show this is what we can do,” she said. “This is also helping me with my portfolio for my college application.”

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